Friday, August 22, 2008

There's a Heaviness....

There’s real heaviness, like we’re living in a pressure cooker. Many of us live day-to-day with the faint but ever-present sense that impending doom is approaching on some all-too-near horizon. An unknown, unseen entity has a tetanic grip on our short hairs with no intention of letting go.

Where’s Dick Nixon when we need someone to kick around. No, scratch that. We’re getting the type of lubricant-free ass-fisting that ol’ Tricky Dick wouldn’t have had the wherewithal to envision. He was rabid dog mean, but not very creative. These are real pros, Jack.

In this world, there are three types of bad people. They are, in ascending order:
a.) Grade-A douchebags.
b.) The Richard M. Nixons of the world.
c.) The corporate and banking elite. Cold-blooded, pseudo-reptilian predators who hide dry, scaly exoskeletons beneath tailored suits. They require extensive reconstructive surgery and five-hundred dollar haircuts to not be recognized as something “other than human.”
All politicians, Republican or Democrat, that are referred to as “Washington power brokers” are nothing more than sadly allegoric “hand-up-the-ass” puppets. They have sold their souls, and sold us out, to be the human face of a very inhumane plan. It is a plan they will never have any say-so in, or enjoy a modicum of control over. The basic outline of the plan was set into motion before many of them were born.
The captains of industry and elite bankers are the Caligulas, Torquemadas, and Idi Amins of our times, but worse. Their ultimate goal is to control and profit from nearly every aspect of everyone’s life the world over.

Yes folks, we’ve got ‘the fears’; the worst case scenario has come to fruition. As a nation, we’ve just crested the mountain and its all downhill from here. The United States of America is the dissipating remains of a “shooting star” society. The greatest and most powerful nation in the earth’s history is experiencing the onset of violent and spasmodic death throes, and our nation as we’ve known it will soon be nothing more than a bittersweet memory. The extended forecast is calling for a category 5 shit storm, so grab your umbrellas. It’s the soberest kind of bad trip.

We are no longer a nation of the People, for the People, by the People; that is a forgone conclusion. Having been sold out by our own government, we are merely the indentured servants of a new generation of robber-barons who are paid directly from our income taxes for the “privilege” of controlling our money supply and through of subsidies that are given to the mega-corporations. We pay them, directly out of our paychecks, the vast sums of money they are using to take direct control over our nation. Actually, it’s ingenious; the ultimate pyramid scheme.

I have not read, nor heard anyone else say this, so I will. The United States is in the midst of a great interregnum: that is to say our government and society has changed forever, and we are currently without either a well-defined leadership or a well-defined system of governance. The current leadership is simply making and changing the rules as they go along. We are no longer a Republic of free states, nor does the remotest resemblance to the free society created by the Constitution continue to exist. At this point, we are unsure of what this New World Order will entail, or what manner of entity will assume control. If you ask me, the plan is for the creation of a multi-national banking corporatocracy; dominatrices in Armani suits instead of assless chaps and a Schirmmutze.

I know that there are many out there who will try to discredit me by as some hyper-paranoid, conspiracy theory whack-job. However, nothing could be farther from the truth. It’s these types of malignant, dismissive, and reactionary judgments which lie at the very heart of what’s the matter with this country. To those of you who gleefully relate such hate-mongering discourse without benefit of forethought or investigation, I would like to point out that referring to you as mere scum would be a high complement. You are what remains after the bottom of the barrel has been scraped.

I would like to see every one of you cowardly, hate-mongering bumble-fucks dressed up like Buster Brown or Little Bo Peep and summarily thrown, begging and screaming, into a pit inhabited by hair-shirted, sadistic sexual predators to be used as they saw fit.

Fuck you and the rainscalded, lordotic horse you rode in on.

Oh how the mind doth wander. Deep in our collective hearts, we know that we have a powerful and dangerous parasite that must be excised, but we are too confused and afraid to take the appropriate action. The sucking sound as the élan vital is siphoned out of us can no longer be ignored. Even though the beast on our back has grown fat from many years of undisturbed feeding, it always wants more. Its been dining on our very blood since the dawn of the industrial revolution. Until now, we’ve had plenty to feed us both, but that is no longer the case. The challenges we face to remove this parasite are both serious and complicated, and to say a lot is at stake is an understatement of inestimable proportions.

Like many parasites, the host’s attention is diverted away with some manner of anesthetic. In this case, they have brilliantly purchased and consolidated most forms of media. They then used the oldest and dirtiest tricks in the book to entice us, confound us, and cause us to second guess our instincts. It has worked in spades. The mass media, our lifeline to the world, actively breeds an insidious, crippling fear and a hostile contempt and distrust for our fellow man. On a daily basis, we are subjected to the same concepts that are used to artistic perfection in the Las Vegas casinos; distraction, over-stimulation, and disorientation. In fact, casinos are the proving grounds to develop new and imaginative methods for control, both over our minds and our wallets. They are also used as the proving grounds for the newest electronic surveillance technologies. Is it mere coincidence that mega-corporations own all of the casinos? No sirree. They dazzle us with brilliance and baffle us with bullshit from every direction, like Muhammad Ali in his prime. Right jab, left cross, right hook and you just got knocked the fuck out. Take your lumps, leave your wallet, and get the hell on home.

Again, I digress. With any parasite/host relationship, there is a point when the homeostatic functions of the host can no longer be maintained. Here in the US, we are becoming weak and sickly and the parasite knows that the death of its host is an imminent reality. The only viable option for this metaphoric beast to continue growing and surviving is to make the entire world its host, in the form of one world government and one world bank/currency.  The good news is that parasites are not fatal unless it consumes all of the host's resources. In other words, a parasite cannot survive and thrive if the host does not continue to feed it.

While it is true that more can be accomplished by a single and unified effort, human beings are obviously neither ants nor bees, species that have thrived for eons as a result of total selflessness and dedication to their collective group. After untold eons, ants and bees remain ants and bees and have not appreciably evolved for their communal efforts.

The beauty of being a human is our understanding of the self as both an individual and as a member of a larger group, and the benefits and responsibilities inherent in both roles. It is a wonderful duplicity. Actually, we need both roles to thrive. Self-awareness and self-determination, when combined with the concept of safety in numbers is what has allowed us to evolve. It is the cornerstone, or essence, of what it means to be human.

We began as lowly, omnivorous scavengers waiting in line for our turn at the carcass. Mankind has never been the fastest or the biggest species, but through fierce determination, working in relative unison, and rewarding ideas that better the group, we have become the greatest and most dominant species the world as ever known.
With the tiniest bit of rational contemplation, isn’t it almost impossible not to see that our similarities run much, much deeper than our differences? We’re all Homo sapiens, right? How different can we possibly be?  To tie the genetics and politics of it all together, Aesop and Patrick Henry were right; united we stand, divided we fall. It has always been that way for mankind. Nature, in her infinite wisdom, has a way of keeping the traits that are most important for the continuation of a species.

Big business and the government have made us believe we don’t need and we shouldn’t trust one another. Nothing could be farther from the truth. We need one other now more than ever, because it’s obvious the few with the lions’ share of wealth are nowhere near satisfied with what they have accrued. They have thrown down the gauntlet and made their aims abundantly clear.  They will not stop until they own everything and everybody; lock, stock, and barrel.   The scariest thing is, if we fail, the rest of the world will fall with us. We are at the precipice of the abyss, and stand to lose everything we’ve ever known about living in a free society.

Through complacency and misplaced trust, we have handed over our empire to a small group of people who have chosen to exploit us, to feed their insatiable lust for power. We entrusted them to do the right thing because they had proven to have the foresight and wherewithal to make big things happen. Their ability to think grand scales has created our nation’s infrastructure, cost effective manufacturing, and mass communication, among many others. These mavericks were and are the best America has to offer. “Captains of industry” have been at the very forefront of our nation’s explosion of growth and development. It’s sad that these individuals, who have in one sense done so much for America, have completely lost sight of right vs. wrong.

At the onset, our newly liberated country would have gladly crowned George Washington king without hesitation, but that is not what he wanted. He wanted something that no individual can ever possess, something infinitely more powerful. The vision of the Founding Fathers was for everyone to be their own king and rule their own lives as they saw fit, so long as the individual’s decisions did not interfere with the rights or kingdom of another. They also wanted a nation whose citizen’s lives were, in a real sense, liberated from the fear of intrusion by the government, an entity they considered to be a necessary evil.

A deliberate decision has been made not to address topics such as slavery, suffrage, religion, or the cause of any other subgroup. It’s not that these causes aren’t serious or lack importance, but discussions of this nature only serve to divide us. We must relearn to focus on our similarities as human beings and as Americans. It is a foregone conclusion that different groups at different times have been treated beyond horribly, but at this point everyone is on the plantation.

The powers that be are not solely to blame for our predicament. Since the time  of our founding, the US has been a nation of deeply self-righteous and arrogant people. Americans have a deep sense of narcissistic entitlement, as though the world somehow owes us something for being American. There is good reason for the term “ugly American.” Our forefathers prided themselves on the descriptive insults given to them as a form of backhanded complement. Sadly, that is no longer the case. We are no longer the “good guys” of the world riding into town to save the day, wearing a 10-gallon hat atop a hale, white equine.

The US government, especially the military, has used the world as their playground and their toilet, and they have done whatever  they wished wherever they wanted to.  They have forced countless sovereign nations to do their bidding, all the while exploiting their precious resources in the bastardized name of freedom and democracy. In other words, bald-faced lies. They have created permanent military settlements in many nations to protect whatever it is they are harvesting, or to have a jumping-off point for further conquest. Individually, we may not have participated in any of it, but these activities have been the cornerstone of US foreign policy for quite some time. The responsibility for these actions falls firmly on the lap of anyone who supports the gov't on any level.

The death rattle of the American dream is here. The vultures are circling and their shadows are looming large against the uneasy backdrop of wasted plains and flooded waterways. Vultures are coarse and ugly, but their flight is not. They coast in the updraft on elegant wingspans, patiently waiting for their chance to feast on the bloated carcass below.

 It's said that Rome wasn’t built in a day, but oftentimes it feels like we’re being destroyed in one.

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Absolutely THE BEST piece that so accurately reflects EXACTLY how I feel!!